Backend QA Engineer for George (all genders)

Job description

Banking has a name. And we create it.

For more than 9 million customers across Europe, George stands for a digital banking experience that combines design and technology on an open platform. At the George Labs, we strive for everyone. We achieve this by empowering people to understand, manage and, last but not least, enjoy one of their most personal things: their money.

Join us in our agile environment and make banking simple, intelligent and personal again!

We understand your pain. QA Engineers and Testers do not get the respect they deserve! But with us, your technical knowledge and testing abilities are as much valued as the cool designs that comes out of the creative team. You will work closely with our developers along the full user story, working together on the same code towards the same goal of providing market-ready software at the end of each Sprint. You will create well-structured and well-considered test cases, executing automation scripts using open source tools, all while keeping the nasty bugs away.

Job requirements

What you’ll bring with you

  • A toolkit full of software development and QA experience
  • Experience with analyzing application logs
  • Experience with checking databases for the correct state
  • Patience for problem-solving and thinking out of the box
  • Curiosity about object-oriented programming (Kotlin or Java preferred)
  • The ability to write clean and readable code with documentation
  • Experience with backend testing (both manual and automated)
  • Deep insight of software QA methodologies
  • A natural confidence with your communication skills, while being fluent in English
  • Living the agile mindset, testing in a scrum team while collaborating with developers and business analysts.

You will impress us by

  • Being able to independently solve problems and make decisions about testing results
  • Feeling comfortable with talking to stakeholders and different business teams
  • Confidently wearing T-shirts with the slogan ‘TDD & BDD are not diseases!’
  • Being proactive and self-motivated without the ego to go with it
  • Having the ability to see the big picture and have a strong quality awareness
  • Knowing that variety, changing trends, and constantly upgrading your skills is better than any alternative

Why you will like us

  • We’re a team of experienced testers who love to exchange ideas and push the boundaries
  • We provide everything you need to work (e.g., MacBook Pro, mobile device, licenses) and lots of additional benefits
  • We are open minded, and always keen to stand up and go the extra mile for the correct solution
  • New Work is not just another buzz word to us. We proactively adapt to the ever-changing work environment of today
  • We guarantee a competitive and performance-related salary, dependent on your professional and personal qualifications. We are obliged by law to quote the minimum wage of EUR 48.370,-- gross per year for this position, in accordance with the respective collective agreement.

The way we are
As an employee of Erste Digital, the success of our people is more than a motto, it’s our manifest. We nurture a work environment where age, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation and cultural background are seen as the key to our success – we live diversity!

If you’ve got this far

It seems we have your interest. If you think you are a good fit for this position, please get in touch with us, we’d love to catch up.