Technical Product Owner for George (all genders)

Job description

Banking has a name. And we create it.

For over 8 million customers across Europe, George stands for a digital banking experience that combines design and technology on an open platform. At the George Labs, we strive for everyone. We achieve this by empowering people to understand, manage and, last but not least, enjoy one of their most personal things: their money.

Join us in our agile environment and make banking simple, intelligent, and personal!

As a Technical Product Owner (all genders) for our 3rd party integration team, you can have a real impact on the financial health of millions. If you are excited about shaping and creating a highly appealing banking experience, you should continue reading. If you are eager to enter also other areas and have a holistic view on product development, you might be a real fit.

George is an open platform and adapts to the needs of his users. You strongly believe in the power of cooperation, and you understand how to build and nurture this environment. But you know that this needs to be set on a proper stage. You are not afraid of being a pioneer, so dealing with our legal departments and crazy fintechs at the same time is not an issue for you. You understand platform as an open environment to build services and new features together with other parties. You see the need to come up with a toolkit. You would build and maintain an enabling infrastructure for web and mobile to make that happen.

Job requirements

What you’ll bring with you

  • 3+ years crafting your skills in the digital product area with agile methodology, UX proficient and have already shipped something to users
  • A profound technical understanding and experience base on the necessary steps to develop and ship a feature
  • Strength in analytics, structured by nature, data driven and interpersonal skills aplenty
  • A digital mindset with a high drive to exceed user needs
  • A toolkit full of Jira and Confluence experience
  • Willingness and power to drive a team also in a partially remote setup
  • Travel required from time to time
  • Have an eye beyond banking and banks
  • Understanding the interplay between new features, system complexity, and technical debt, making trade-offs among them seamlessly
  • Expressing your values and opinions in fluent English

You will impress us by

  • A technical education will be a plus
  • Being comfortable to work with company leadership, external partners and wider business to influence strategic decisions and best possible outcomes with confidence
  • Being able to establish and pitch a value proposition for a use case which is provided by 3rd party
  • Owning your role as the ‘person to talk to’ when another team has a dependency or question
  • Challenging your team with charm, but also accept that shared learning and feedback is priceless
  • Listening and reacting to foreseen issues fast and continuously, adjusting your course or raising an alarm
  • Having the nature to stand the heat, noise and criticism without losing your smile
  • Enjoying the opportunity to travel from time-to-time and strut your stuff in another city
  • Having a curious and inquisitive mindset by nature - always questioning the 'why' as well as the 'what' and 'how' to constantly challenge the status quo

Why you will like us because

  • We’re a team of experienced product owners who love to exchange ideas and push the boundaries
  • We provide a relaxed, professional environment and all the hardware & software you need to work efficiently (e.g. MacBook Pro, mobile device, licenses...)
  • Our attitude is open minded, and we are always keen to stand up and go the extra mile for the correct solution
  • We offer flexible working hours and a hybrid working model
  • We care for your personal well-being and career development while actively supporting your educational needs
  • We encourage regular conference visits and multiple chances to shine with George
  • We feed you with coffee, sweets and fruits and provide table soccer and table tennis to train the stuff away
  • We guarantee a competitive and performance-related salary, dependent on your professional and personal qualifications. We are obliged by law to quote the minimum wage of EUR 3.730,- gross per month for this full-time position

The way we are

As an employee of George Labs or Erste Digital, the success of our people is more than a motto, it’s our manifest. We nurture a work environment where each age, skin color, gender, sexual orientation and cultural background contribute to our success – we live diversity!

If you’ve got this far

It seems we have your interest, so please get in touch with us. We’d love to catch up.