Software Engineer for George Application Management (all genders)

Job description

For more than 7 million customers across Europe, George stands for a digital banking experience that combines design and technology on an open platform. At Erste Digital, we strive for everyone. We achieve this by empowering people to understand, manage and, last but not least, enjoy one of their most personal things: their money.

To support an application such as George many tools, support programs and integrations are needed. Automation is the key to good support. More important the ability to see what can be automated and how it can be automated is the core of the role. The support of George touches every part of the ecosystem, from the web and mobile user interfaces over the application APIs to the NoSQL datastores and relational databases both in on-premises datacentres and in the cloud.

Job requirements

What you’ll bring with you

  • A good grip of building, designing and maintaining tools using Python, Java, Kotlin and REST APIs
  • Experience with cloud-based applications and desire to learn more
  • Knowledge working with search technology and/or distributed systems in general
  • Some experience with Elasticsearch or other distributed search and analytical engines is nice to have
  • A love for problem solving code quality and testing
  • Ability to see what can be automated and more important how to replace manual activities

We like you because

  • You iterate fast, without compromising quality, while taking care of detail
  • Respectfully challenging your colleagues, and being challenged in return is welcomed by you
  • You are passionate about learning, and want to help others learn too
  • You can stand heat, noise, and criticism without losing your smile
  • You have values and opinions and can articulate them in fluent English

Why you will like us

  • We provide a relaxed, professional environment and all the hardware & software you need to work efficiently (e.g., MacBook Pro, mobile device, licenses...)
  • Our attitude is open minded, and we are always keen to stand up and go the extra mile for the correct solution
  • Have flexible working hours and are open for remote working
  • We care for your personal well-being and career development while actively supporting your educational needs
  • We guarantee a competitive and performance-related salary, dependent on your professional and personal qualifications.
  • We give you the flexibility of trying out new things and seeing new integrations come to life without long release cycles.

A competitive and performance-related salary dependent on your professional and personal qualifications is granted - we are obliged by law to quote the minimum wage of EUR 2 500 gross per month for this full time position. But this is just a formality - we would be happy to talk about your actual salary in person!

The way we are

As an employee of Erste Digital, the success of our people is more than a motto, it’s our manifest. We nurture a work environment where age, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, and cultural background are seen as the key to our success – we live diversity!