API Architect (f/m/d) for Group Open Banking Squad

Job description

We are looking for someone who is smart, savvy, and seriously good at designing great REST APIs.

As an API Architect, critical thinking for you, means having the ability to turn oftentimes contradictory requirements into an API design that can cover business needs.You are organized a natural communicator, and can bring people together to create shared understanding. 

Consistency and clarity is important for you and you strive to get better in it at all times.


What you’ll bring with you


  • Experience in designing HTTP and JSON based RESTful Web API's
  • Understand multiple API versions with schema support and versioning
  • Know-how from building an authentication and identity API using OAuth 2.0 (RFC6749) as the base
  • Success stories about how you were able to integrate multiple systems and provided a solution that hit the target
  • An ability to use tools like Chrome DevTools, Fiddler or Charles Proxy
  • A proven track-record working in the IT or banking industries


You will impress us by


  • Knowledge about API Blueprint, Swagger 2.0 and Open API 3.0 Specification (in YAML or JSON format)
  • Hands-on experience with Apiary, Apigee or Postman API development environment (design and mock, debug, test, document, monitor, and publish your APIs)
  • Following API First approach, API First Design,  OpenAPI Initiative
  • Knowledge about purpose of API Gateway, its role and usage in system architecture
  • Experience with PSD2 (Revised Payment Service Directive of EU) requirements, The European Banking Authority RTS for strong customer authentication (SCA), Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 standard
  • Having confidence in enforcing API quality, consistency and clear documentation across several banks
  • Being able to fight for the correct solutions on one hand, while being diplomatic with the other, without losing your smile
  • Embracing working in a complex, international environment and the opportunities it delivers
  • Ability to look at requirements from both perspectives: provider (server) and client side
  • Knowing that sharing is caring and this exchange of knowledge does not threaten your ego
  • Expressing your values and opinions and articulating them in fluent English

Job requirements

Why you will like us


  • We work hard, but in a relaxed, open and seriously cool environment
  • Provide everything you need to work and lots of additional benefits
  • Have flexible working hours and are open for remote working
  • We care for your personal well-being and career development while actively supporting your educational needs
  • We communicate and collaborate with a variety of tools including Slack, Confluence and JIRA
  • Encourage regular conference visits and multiple chances to shine with us.
  • Feed you with coffee, sweets and fruits and provide table soccer and table tennis to train the stuff away


We guarantee a competitive and performance-related salary, dependent on your professional and personal qualifications. 

We are obliged by law to quote the minimum wage of EUR 41.706, - gross per year for this full time position.


The way we are

As an employee of Erste Group IT, the success of our people is more than a motto, it’s our manifest. We nurture a work environment where age, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation and cultural background are seen as the key to our success – we live diversity!


If you’ve got this far

It seems we have your interest. If you think you are a good fit for this position, please get in touch with us, we’d love to catch up.